Astrology-Vaastu – A Science Or Belief ?

Discover the scientific facts behind occult sciences and get a glimpse how Vaastu or Astrology effects everybody.

The real Vaastu is just Re-alignment and Vaastu is not about breaking the houses or structures just to be compliant. Learn the secrets of get Vaastu perfect house without any breaking or demolishing.

Astrology – an ancient science with proven scientific reasons. Learn how these planets affect our journey of life and how we can use these planetary movements for our advantages. The SECRET of LUCK and SUCCESS.

Speaker 1 – Arun Sharma

Arun practices and believes in – detached involvement, passion with awareness, enlightened billionaire and enriching society. He is associated with various social organizations including a school in tribal belt of eastern India. He has been – a President of a Toastmasters Club; a Judge in International Inter school contest; keynote speaker on various occasions. He has delivered various speeches in Indonesia, India, Thailand and Singapore.

Speaker 2 – Raj Saini

Raj is a professional with 24 years of experience in Media – Events and have done more than 10000 events worldwide. An avid follower of Vaastu and Astrology and pioneer of developing the World’s first unique chain of e-commerce stores having concept of Virtual to Reality. He have presence and business in 6 countries and has touched lives of people in more than 32 countries worldwide with his event presentations. Raj by qualification is a Singapore Chartered Accountant.

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