About Us

Open group is lively and witty group steadily working at becoming more skilled and confident public speakers. We get to know how we can prepare speeches to practice different techniques including speaking in front of an audience, developing structure and using the nuances of words to craft the right message.

We are also able to give strong insight into how to deliver speeches in a more receptive way. Each one of us have plenty of opportunities to practice leadership and communication skills in a causal and relaxed environment. During each week we prepare and deliver speeches with wide variety of topics, there is also time to use your speaking talents more spontaneously.

Guests are always welcome to join us for out meetings! No association with OPEN is required to participate in our discussions.

– Meeting Time: Every Saturday 1400 to 1630 hrs
– Address: 122 McNair Rd, Singapore 320122

The ability to communicate is absolutely essential, and it is one that can always be improved upon. It is the ability to express a vision that people want to follow, entertain thousands of people, explain critical information, provide hope during dark hours, make a million dollar sale, or work a room. Whatever, your goals are, having this skill will increase your chances of success. Open group is a program devoted to training and developing this skill along with leadership.

Open Group takes pride in being known as a very welcoming and inclusive group. Since we meet every week for a longer duration, it gives all members and guests the opportunity to participate and interact. We are also a diverse group with all levels of experience. In addition, when you attend our weekly meetups, not only are you able to move through the journey at your own pace, you will be receiving quality feedback to motivate you while identifying areas of improvement along the journey.

No charge to be a guest, nor necessarily a need to know anyone in the group. We gladly welcome guests. Not only do they help by creating a bigger audience, but we encourage them to participate in Table Topics as well as do the first tasks of evaluation, roles like timer, ah counter and grammarian. You can come as many times as a guest as you want before becoming a member and taking full advantage of the time to develop your skills as a communicator and leader.

A Table Topic is a one to two minute impromptu speech. The Table Topics master will call for a volunteer, then give provide a prompt to lead the volunteers speech. This is the time to really test the skills being taught through the program.

Organization for Personality Development and Networking (OPEN)

We have schools which educate us on specific streams or subjects, We have private institutes which can help up-skill ourselves with specific interest. But very seldom we can find a place for Personality Development and Networking. OPEN was founded with a vision to provide this platform for all those who want to share and learn from each others experiences. Equal opportunity is given to each individual to present or share a topic of their choice which will help other attendees to listen and learn – Preetham

This is a platform to test your strengths and weaknesses without any fear and with lots of encouragement and mentor ship provided by fellow members.
In life stories of many successful entrepreneurs today we might have read or seen how a simple thing or incident became a turning point or took them one step closer to their success. So if you want to experience or witness that yourself then this is the platform for you to step in – Preetham

What is the difference between a guest and a member of Open group?
A guest is limited in the ways that they can participate. A member is allowed to evaluate speeches and the general meeting as well as deliver prepared speeches, practice leadership, and have people work with you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Communication is a necessary skill for tasks, however there are so few places to learn the skill. And we tend to mistake lack of training in a particular style with not possessing the characteristic. For example, a person will think that they are not funny as opposed to not knowing how to tell a joke. Through the program, not only will you learn how to verbally communicate in most styles piece by piece, but you will also be able to get evaluated immediately after delivering a prepared speech to let you know what works and what needs to be improved upon. Additionally, the program also offers the same service to improve leadership skills. There are training exercises to improve your skill piece by piece, but being a member also allows you to become an officer of the club and get free training.